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proceedings IGIS 2017
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism

Supplement: Update on Islet Hormone Production Proceedings of the 19th Servier-IGIS Symposium, St Jean Cap Ferrat, France, 22–25 March 2018.

September 2018 – Volume 20, Issue Supplement S2

Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (pages 1–2)

Role of ghrelin in pancreatic development and function (pages 3–10)
Tiziana Napolitano PhD Serena Silvano Andhira Vieira PhD Shruti Balaji PhD Anna Garrido‐Utrilla Marika E. Friano Josipa Atlija Patrick Collombat PhD

MicroRNAs in islet hormone secretion (pages 11–19)
Jonathan L. S. Esguerra MSc, PhD Mototsugu Nagao MD, PhD Jones K. Ofori MSc, PhD Anna Wendt MSc, PhD Lena Eliasson MSc, PhD

tRNA modifications and islet function (pages 20–27)
Fan‐Yan Wei PhD Kazuhito Tomizawa DDS, PhD

Biosynthesis, structure, and folding of the insulin precursor protein (pages 28–50)
Ming Liu MD Michael A. Weiss MD Anoop Arunagiri PhD Jing Yong PhD Nischay Rege Jinhong Sun MD Leena Haataja PhD Randal J. Kaufman PhD Peter Arvan MD

A thing of beauty: Structure and function of insulin’s “aromatic triplet” (pages 51–63)
Michael A. Weiss MD, PhD Michael C. Lawrence PhD

Islet prohormone processing in health and disease (pages 64–76)
Yi‐Chun Chen PhD Austin J. Taylor C. Bruce Verchere PhD

When one becomes many—Alternative splicing in β‐cell function and failure (pages 77–87)
Maria Inês Alvelos Jonàs Juan‐Mateu PhD Maikel Luis Colli MD, PhD Jean‐Valéry Turatsinze PhD Décio L. Eizirik MD, PhD

Islet stress, degradation and autoimmunity (pages 88–94)
Sofia Thomaidou MSc Arnaud Zaldumbide PhD Bart O. Roep PhD

Effects of proinsulin misfolding on β‐cell dynamics, differentiation and function in diabetes (pages 95–103)
Yael Riahi PhD Tal Israeli MSc Erol Cerasi MD, PhD Gil Leibowitz MD

Lysosomes in nutrient signalling: A focus on pancreatic β‐cells (pages 104–115)
Gergő Mészáros MD, PhD Adrien Pasquier PhD Kevin Vivot PhD Alexander Goginashvili PhD Romeo Ricci (Prof.)

Time zones of pancreatic islet metabolism (pages 116–126)
Volodymyr Petrenko MD, PhD Jacques Philippe MD, PhD Charna Dibner PhD

Regulation of islet glucagon secretion: Beyond calcium (pages 127–136)
Jing W. Hughes MD, PhD Alessandro Ustione PhD Zeno Lavagnino PhD David W. Piston PhD

Pancreatic islet of Langerhans’ cytoarchitecture and ultrastructure in normal glucose tolerance and in type 2 diabetes mellitus (pages 137–144)
Franco Folli MD, PhD Stefano La Rosa MD Giovanna Finzi PhD Alberto M. Davalli MD Alessandra Galli MA Edward J. Dick DVM Jr Carla Perego PhD Rodolfo Guardado Mendoza MD, PhD

Single molecule approaches for studying gene regulation in metabolic tissues (pages 145–156)
Lydia Farack Adi Egozi Shalev Itzkovitz