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proceedings IGIS 2017
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism

Supplement: β-Cell Signalling Revisited. Proceedings of the 18th Servier-IGIS Symposium, St Jean Cap Ferrat, France, 23–26 March 2017.

September 2017 – Volume 19, Issue Supplement S1

Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (pages 1–2)

Alain Ktorza, PhD (page 3)
Bernard Thorens, Domenico Accili, Bo Ahrén, Christian Boitard, Susumu Seino and Erol Cerasi

Allosteric modulation as a unifying mechanism for receptor function and regulation (pages 4–21)
Jean-Pierre Changeux and Arthur Christopoulos

β-Cell signalling and insulin secretagogues: A path for improved diabetes therapy (pages 22–29)
Susumu Seino, Kenji Sugawara, Norihide Yokoi and Harumi Takahashi

Local and regional control of calcium dynamics in the pancreatic islet (pages 30–41)
Guy A. Rutter, David J. Hodson, Pauline Chabosseau, Elizabeth Haythorne, Timothy J. Pullen and Isabelle Leclerc

cAMP signalling in insulin and glucagon secretion (pages 42–53)
Anders Tengholm and Erik Gylfe

Role of the glucose-sensing receptor in insulin secretion (pages 54–62)
Itaru Kojima, Johan Medina and Yuko Nakagawa

Role of G-proteins in islet function in health and diabetes (pages 63–75)
Anjaneyulu Kowluru

Monoacylglycerol signalling and ABHD6 in health and disease (pages 76–89)
Pegah Poursharifi, Sri Ramachandra Murthy Madiraju and Marc Prentki

Metabolomics applied to islet nutrient sensing mechanisms (pages 90–94)
Mette V. Jensen, Jessica R. Gooding, Mourad Ferdaoussi, Xiao-Qing Dai, Brett S. Peterson, Patrick E. MacDonald and Christopher B. Newgard

NMDAR antagonists for the treatment of diabetes mellitus—Current status and future directions (pages 95–106)
Alena Welters, Carina Klüppel, Jessica Mrugala, Laura Wörmeyer, Thomas Meissner, Ertan Mayatepek, Christian Heiss, Daniel Eberhard and Eckhard Lammert

A 4D view on insulin secretory granule turnover in the β-cell (pages 107–114)
Andreas Müller, Hassan Mziaut, Martin Neukam, Klaus-Peter Knoch and Michele Solimena

Recent new insights into the role of SNARE and associated proteins in insulin granule exocytosis (pages 115–123)
Herbert Y. Gaisano

Signals in the pancreatic islet microenvironment influence β-cell proliferation (pages 124–136)
Kristie I. Aamodt and Alvin C. Powers

Exosomes as new players in metabolic organ cross-talk (pages 137–146)
Claudiane Guay and Romano Regazzi

β-Cells are not uniform after all—Novel insights into molecular heterogeneity of insulin-secreting cells (pages 147–152)
Dana Avrahami, Yue J. Wang, Agnes Klochendler, Yuval Dor, Benjamin Glaser and Klaus H. Kaestner