Lectures during IGIS meeting and unpublished reviews

1- Bo Ahren (Lund) “The future of incretin- and glucagon- based treatments” Ahrén B, The future of incretin-based therapy – novel avenues – novel targets

2- Maureen Charron (New York) “Overview of the glucagon receptor” Vuguin P M, Charron M J, Novel Insight Into Glucagon Receptor Action: Lessons From Knockoutand Transgenic Mouse Models

3- Alan Cherrington (Nashville) “Regulation of liver metabolism by glucagon”

4- Anne Clark (Oxford) “Lifespan of islets cells in man vs rodents” Cnop M et al. Longevity of human islet α – and γ-cells

5- Patrick Collombat (Nice) “α-cell fate determination: role of Pax genes” Courtney M et al. In vivo conversion of adult α -cells into β-like cells: a new research avenue in the context of Type 1 diabetes

6- David A. D’Alessio (Cincinnati) “Role of dysregulated glucagons secretion in type 2 diabetes” D’Alessio D, The role of dysregulated glucagon secretion in Type 2 Diabetes

7- Leon S.Farhy (Charlottesville) “Pancreatic network control of glucagon secretion in hypoglycaemiacounterregulation” Farhy L S, McCall A L, Optimizing Reduction in Basal Hyperglucagonaemia to Repair Defective Glucagon Counterregulation in Insulin Deficiency

8- Yoshitaka Hayashi (Nagoya) “Metabolic impact of glucagon deficiency” Hayashi Y, Metabolic Impact of Glucagon Deficiency

9- Jens Holst (Copenhagen) “Regulation of glucagon secretion by incretins” Holst J et al. Regulation of glucagon secretion by incretins

10- David Irwin (Toronto) “Molecular evolution of the glucagons and incretin genes” Irwin D M, Prentice K J, Incretin hormones and the expanding families of glucagon-like sequences and their receptors

11- Klaus Kaestner (Philadelphia) “Gene expression profile in the developing islet” Bramswig N C, Kaestner K H, Transcriptional Regulation of α-Cell Differentiation

12- Timothy Kieffer (Vancouver) “Regulating and engineering GLP-1 and GIP production” Tudurí E, Kieffer T J, Reprogramming gut and pancreas endocrine cells to treat diabetes

13- Rohit Kulkarni (Boston) “Role of insulin signalling in the α-cell fate” Kawamori D et al. Growth factor signaling in the regulation of α-cell fate

14- Pierre Lefebvre (Liège) “Milestones in glucagon research”

15- Andrew Leiter (Worcester) “The developmental biology of entero-endocrine cells” Li H J et al. Basic helix loop helix transcription factors and enteroendocrine cell differentiation

16- Jensen P B, Larsen P J, Karlsen C, Jensen H I, Holst J J, Madsen O D, Fetal proglucagon processing in relation to adult appetite control: Lessons from a transplantable rat glucagonoma with severe anorexia.

17- Jacques Philippe (Geneva) “Cell-specific regulation of proglucagon expression and processing” Gosmain Y et al. Glucagon gene expression in the endocrine pancreas: the role of the transcription factorPax6 in α-cell differentiation, glucagon biosynthesis and secretion

18- Patrik Rorsman (Oxford) “Glucose control of α cell function” Walker J N et al. Regulation of glucagon secretion by glucose: paracrine, intrinsic or both?

19- Bernard Thorens (Lausanne)“Brain glucose sensing and neural regulation of glucagon secretion” Thorens B, Brain glucose sensing and neural regulation of insulin and glucagon secretion

20- Michael Wheeler (Toronto) “Direct vs indirect effects of glucose on glucagon” Hardy A B et al. Regulation of glucagon secretion by zinc: characterisation of the Znt8BKO mousemodel.

“Pancreatic α-cells and glucagon—neglected metabolic actors”
I- Birth and death of the α-cell
II- Regulation of glucagon expression
III- Regulation of glucagon secretion
IV- Role of glucagon in metabolism
V- Therapeutic perspectives
VI- Conclusion
Lectures during IGIS meeting and unpublished reviews