Lectures during IGIS meeting

Hadi Al-Hasani Effect of diet on islet gene expression in mice
Karim Bouzakri Signaling from insulin resistant muscle to the β-cell
Matthias Braun Autoregulation of insulin secretion in human islets
Sonia Caprio Islet function in obese adolescents
Yuval Dor β-cell fate in mice with activating glucokinase mutations
Gisela Drews Role of KATP channels in β-cell resistance to insult
Gary Felsenfeld Epigenetic control of insulin gene transcription
Benjamin Glaser Persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia of infancy: a model for β-cell proliferation and survival…
Allison Goldfine Insulin positive feedback on β-cell function
Hans-Ulrich Häring Analysis of β-cell function: impact of incretin resistance and insulin resistance
André Herchuelz β-cell fate in defective cellular calcium regulation
Steven E. Kahn Interactions between genetic background, insulin resistance and ß-cell function
Rudolph L. Leibel Lisch-like, a modifier of β-cell function that causes islet hyperactivity in db/db mice.
Colin Nichols The diabetic mouse β-cell: hyperstimulated may not be hyperexcited
Susan E. Ozanne Metabolic programming of insulin action and secretion
Romano Regazzi MiRNAs in insulin action and secretion
Bruce Verchere IAPP and β-cell dysfunction
Bernard Zinman Long-term effects of short-term intensified insulin treatment in type 2 diabetes: β-cell rest?

The hyperstimulated β cell: prelude to diabetes?
I- What is the role of epigenetics in insulin gene expression and insulin secretion and action
II- Impact of insulin resistance on β-cell function
III- Intrinsic hyperstimulation of β-cells
IV- Modulation of β-cell function by secretory products
V- Conclusion
Lectures during IGIS meeting