IGIS Digest

The IGIS Digest is a synopsis of the annual Servier-IGIS symposium, giving a summary of the topics covered during the 3 days of the symposium. It is provided within months of the main events, in parallel with the full proceedings published as a supplement in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism.

This Digest gives access to the latest information in the field of beta-cell research, and is dedicated to experts in the field as well as clinicians, diabetologists, and endocrinologists – in short, all doctors dealing with diabetes, including those not well-versed in the complex biology of the beta-cell.

Xth IGIS symposium “A Decade of Islet Research: Implications for Understanding and Treating Type 2 Diabetes“
XIth IGIS symposium “The Stressed Beta Cell”
XIIth IGIS symposium “Pancreatic α-cells and glucagon-neglected metabolic actors”
XIIIth IGIS symposium “The hyperstimulated β cell:prelude to diabetes?”
XIVth IGIS symposium “Islet Inflammation”
XVth IGIS symposium “Neural Orchestration of Metabolism and Islet function”
XVIth IGIS symposium “The Islet and Metabolism Keep Time”
XVIIth IGIS symposium “A change of personality: dedifferentiation and transdifferentiation in β cells”
XVIIIth IGIS symposium “Beta cell Signalling Revisited ”