11th Servier-IGIS symposium

“The Stressed Beta-Cell”

Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, France, 25-28 March 2010

Thursday 25 March


Lecture I

Chair: Pierre Freychet (Nice)

Autophagy – From cell destruction to cell protection : Therapeutic applications
Ana Maria Cuervo (New York)

Friday 26 March


Lecture II
Chair: Xavier Leverve (Grenoble)

Mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2 in beta cells
Martin D. Brand (Cambridge)

Session I: The Mitochondria and Cellular Stress
Chair: Sigurd Lenzen (Hannover)

Redox compartmentalization and cellular stress
Dean P. Jones (Atlanta)
Mitochondrial fission/fusion imbalance in neurodegenerative disease
Ella Bossi-Wetzel (Orlando)
The life and death of beta-cell mitochondria
Orian Shirihai (Boston)
Beta-cell anti-oxidative defence mechanisms
Sheila Collins (Research Triangle Park)


Session II: The Fundamentals of ER Stress

Chair: Sasanka Ramanadham (St. Louis)

ER stress mechanisms – a concise overview
David Ron (New York)
Protein quality control in the early secretory pathway – the example of antibody production
Roberto Sitia (Milan)
The ER-associated degradation pathway
Jeffrey L. Brodsky (Pittsburgh)
The ER stress response to misfolded proinsulin expression in beta cells
Allen Volchuk (Toronto)

Saturday 27 March


Lecture III

Chair: R. Paul Robertson (Seattle)

The UPR and translation attenuation – a modelling approach
Chao Tang (San Francisco)

Session III: Cellular Stress in Type 2 Diabetes (I)

Chair: Roderick Paul Robertson (Seattle)

Role of ER stress in hepatic insulin resistance
Fabienne Foufelle (Paris)
The VHL gene and beta-cell function
Dominic J. Withers (London)
Role of IRE-1 signalling for beta-cell survival
Fumihiko Urano (Worcester)
Role of autophagy in beta-cell function and mass
Myung -Shik Lee (Seoul)


Session IV: Cellular Stress in Type 2 Diabetes (II)

Chair: Noel Morgan (Plymouth)

ER stress mechanisms in lipotoxic beta-cell dysfunction
Miriam Cnop (Brussels)
Glucose-amplification of lipotoxic ER stress via mTORC1
Gil Leibowitz (Jerusalem)
Role of CHOP in beta-cell stress
Randal J. Kaufman (Ann Arbor)

Lecture IV

Chair: Nurit Kaiser (Jerusalem)

Chemical chaperones – Future treatment of obesity/diabetes?
Gökhan Hotamisligil (Boston)