About IGIS

Credits: IDRS Metabolism Diseases

Multiple clinical investigations in the 1960s and 1970s demonstrated quite convincingly that in all the stages of type 2 diabetes development the insulin response to glucose administration is quantitatively and qualitatively modified, with loss of the first-phase response. Nevertheless, over the ensuing decades, the dominating view of diabetes pathophysiology has been that of insulin resistance with, as consequence, neglect of research on insulin secretion and islet biology, and diabetes treatment skewed toward insulin sensitizers.

The International Group on Insulin Secretion was established in order to reemphasize the primary role of the β-cell in diabetes pathogenesis.

To this end, a series of highest-quality meetings has been created, the Servier-IGIS Symposia. These are held once a year from 1999, with a very selective attendance, and its proceedings have been published as Supplements to the journal Diabetes and, lately, Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism. The quality of the hand-picked attendants, the choice of front-line research topics in the islet/insulin secretion field, the fact that the IGIS Board has been entirely independent from industry interference, and the high impact factors achieved by the Servier- IGIS supplements of Diabetes, have given these meetings the prestige that is required to become a focus of attention and attract more research into the mechanisms of insulin secretion in normal and diabetic organisms.

Photo credits: IDRS Metabolism Diseases