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Today, Bo Ahren (Lund University), is highlighting a paper

Domenico ACCILI

Human islet function following 20 years of cryogenic biobanking. Jocelyn E. Manning Fox, et al. Diabetologia. 2015;58:1503-1512.
Long-term preservation of islets is important both to generate a sufficient number of islets for transplantation and to allow multiple donor transplants with simplified logistics. It is also important to meet the increased demand for human islets for research purposes. Such long-term preservation may be achieved by biobanking and, in a recent article, Dr Manning Fox and collaborators showed that low-temperature biobanking offers such a possibility. Human islets were cryopreserved at −196°C for up to 20 years and shown to maintain normal topography with levels of apoptosis and transcriptome profiles similar to those of freshly isolated islets. When transplanted to diabetic mice, the cryopreserved beta cells normalized insulin secretion profiles and improved glucose tolerance. The study therefore shows the potential for long-term banking of human islets. Read the full article »