Volume 20, Issue S2
Update on Islet Hormone Production: A Tribute to Donald Steiner. Proceedings of the 19th Servier‐IGIS Symposium, St Jean Cap Ferrat, France, 22–25 March 2018

Pages: i, 1-156
September 2018


On the occasion of the 19th Servier – IGIS Symposium, some renowned experts recorded a short video explaining their research work, and commented on the Symposium, which was focused on islet hormone production, and held in honor of Donald Steiner.

Céline Cruciani and Decio L Eizirik share their thoughts:


Additional videos will be released over the next months


The 19th Servier-IGIS Symposium took place in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, from 22 to 25 March 2018 and was focused on “Update on islet hormone production”. It was another successful meeting where world leaders were able to interact and share their views on insulin secretion.

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