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Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism © 2016 Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Supplement: A Change of Personality: Dedifferentiation and Transdifferentiation in β-Cells.. Proceedings of the 17th Servier-IGIS Symposium, St Jean Cap Ferrat, France, 7–10 April 2016

September 2016 – Volume 18, Issue Supplement S1

Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (pages 1–2)
E. Cerasi

Cell fate conversion—from the viewpoint of small molecules and lineage specifiers (pages 3–9)
T. Zhao, Y. Li and H. Deng

Revisiting the immunocytochemical detection of Neurogenin 3 expression in mouse and man (pages 10–22)
C. Honoré, C. Rescan, J. Hald, P. S. McGrath, M. B. K. Petersen, M. Hansson, T. Klein, S. Østergaard, J. M. Wells and O. D. Madsen

The role of hepatocyte nuclear factor 1β in disease and development (pages 23–32)
R. El-Khairi and L. Vallier

Three-dimensional pancreas organogenesis models (pages 33–40)
A. Grapin-Botton

Role of long non-coding RNAs in the determination of β-cell identity (pages 41–50)
A. Motterle, C. Sanchez-Parra and R. Regazzi

Shaping and preserving β-cell identity with microRNAs (pages 51–57)
O. Dumortier, G. Fabris and E. Van Obberghen

Effects of ageing and senescence on pancreatic β-cell function (pages 58–62)
A. Helman, D. Avrahami, A. Klochendler, B. Glaser, K. H. Kaestner, I. Ben-Porath and Y. Dor

β-Cell adaptation in pregnancy (pages 63–70)
L. Baeyens, S. Hindi, R. L. Sorenson and M. S. German

Novel factors modulating human β-cell proliferation (pages 71–77)
J. Shirakawa and R. N. Kulkarni

Mechanisms of β-cell functional adaptation to changes in workload (pages 78–86)
M. Wortham and M. Sander

Stress-induced adaptive islet cell identity changes (pages 87–96)
V. Cigliola, F. Thorel, S. Chera and P. L. Herrera

Mechanisms of adult human β-cell in vitro dedifferentiation and redifferentiation (pages 97–101)
S. Efrat

β-Cell dysfunction in diabetes: a crisis of identity? (pages 102–109)
M. F. Brereton, M. Rohm and F. M. Ashcroft

Pancreatic β-cell identity in diabetes (pages 110–116)
M. S. Remedi and C. Emfinger

When β-cells fail: lessons from dedifferentiation (pages 117–122)
D. Accili, S. C. Talchai, J. Y. Kim-Muller, F. Cinti, E. Ishida, A. M. Ordelheide, T. Kuo, J. Fan and J. Son

Impact of Pdx1-associated chromatin modifiers on islet β-cells (pages 123–127)
J. M. Spaeth, E. M. Walker and R. Stein

Mass production of functional human pancreatic β-cells: why and how? (pages 128–136)
R. Scharfmann, M. Didiesheim, P. Richards, V. Chandra, M. Oshima and O. Albagli

β-Cell replacement as a treatment for type 1 diabetes: an overview of possible cell sources and current axes of research (pages 137–143)
A. Vieira, M. Courtney, N. Druelle, F. Avolio, T. Napolitano, B. Hadzic, S. Navarro-Sanz, N. Ben-Othman and P. Collombat

Making β(-like)-cells from exocrine pancreas (pages 144–151)
W. Staels, S. De Groef, L. Bussche, G. Leuckx, M. Van de Casteele, N. De Leu, L. Baeyens, Y. Heremans and H. Heimberg