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Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism © 2015 Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Supplement: The Islet and Metabolism Keep Time. Proceedings of the 16th Servier-IGIS Symposium, St Jean Cap Ferrat, France, 9–12 April 2015
September 2015 – Volume 17, Issue Supplement S1

Donald F. Steiner: great scientist, close friend, real ‘Mensch’ (pages 1–2)
E. Cerasi and S. Seino

The Islet and Metabolism Keep Time (pages 3–5)
B. Thorens, D. Accili, B. Ahrén, E. Cerasi, S. Seino and C. Boitard


Molecular components of the circadian clock in mammals (pages 6–11)
J. S. Takahashi

Rev-erbα and the circadian transcriptional regulation of metabolism (pages 12–16)
Z. Gerhart-Hines and M. A. Lazar

Coupling circadian rhythms of metabolism and chromatin remodelling (pages 17–22)
S. Masri, R. Orozco-Solis, L. Aguilar-Arnal, M. Cervantes and P. Sassone-Corsi

The systemic control of circadian gene expression (pages 23–32)
A. Gerber, C. Saini, T. Curie, Y. Emmenegger, G. Rando, P. Gosselin, I. Gotic, P. Gos, P. Franken and U. Schibler

Transcriptional control of circadian metabolic rhythms in the liver (pages 33–38)
S. Li and J. D. Lin

Skeletal muscle functions around the clock (pages 39–46)
A. Mayeuf-Louchart, B. Staels and H. Duez

Seeing the forest and trees: whole-body and whole-brain imaging for circadian biology (pages 47–54)
K. L. Ode and H. R. Ueda

Interplay between cellular redox oscillations and circadian clocks (pages 55–64)
G. Rey and A. B. Reddy

Plasticity of circadian clocks and consequences for metabolism (pages 65–75)
C. P. Coomans, E. A. Lucassen, S. Kooijman, K. Fifel, T. Deboer, P. C. N. Rensen, S. Michel and J. H. Meijer

Keeping circadian time with hormones (pages 76–83)
E. Challet

Circadian clocks, obesity and cardiometabolic function (pages 84–89)
E. M. Scott

Sleep efficiency as a determinant of insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese adolescents (pages 90–98)
E. Dorenbos, J. M. Rijks, T. C. Adam, M. S. Westerterp-Plantenga and A. C. E. Vreugdenhil

The molecular clock as a metabolic rheostat (pages 99–105)
M. Perelis, K. M. Ramsey and J. Bass

Role of the clock gene Rev-erbα in metabolism and in the endocrine pancreas (pages 106–114)
E. Vieira, B. Merino and I. Quesada

The islet circadian clock: entrainment mechanisms, function and role in glucose homeostasis (pages 115–122)
K. Rakshit, J. Qian, C. S. Colwell and A. V. Matveyenko

Circadian control of β-cell function and stress responses (pages 123–133)
J. Lee, R. Liu, D. de Jesus, B. S. Kim, K. Ma, M. Moulik and V. Yechoor

Circadian rhythm-related genes: implication in autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes (pages 134–138)
B. Lebailly, C. Boitard and U. C. Rogner

Molecular clocks and the human condition: approaching their characterization in human physiology and disease (pages 139–142)
G. A. Fitzgerald, G. Yang, G. K. Paschos, X. Liang and C. Skarke