2014 Proceedings articles available online!

New: all articles of the last proceedings are available online!
D. Accili, B. Ahrén, C. Boitard, S. Seino, B. Thorens and E. Cerasi.
Supplement: Neural Orchestration of Metabolism and Islet Function. Proceedings of the 15th Servier-IGIS Symposium
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism. September 2014 – Volume 16, Issue S1


Today, Bo Ahren (Lund University), is highlighting 2 papers

Bo Ahren

Do OH, et al. The secretory deficit in islets from db/db mice is mainly due to a loss of responding beta cells.Diabetologia. 2014;57:1400-1409.
The nature of the beta-cell defect in type 2 diabetes is still not completely understood. In this new study, the authors present novel findings that the beta-cell defect in the db/db mouse model is associated with reduced calcium response to glucose in association with a reduction in syntaxin-1A. Read the full article »

Madiraju AK, et al. Metformin suppresses gluconeogenesis by inhibiting mitochondrial glycerophosphate dehydrogenase.Nature. 2014 May 21. doi: 10.1038/nature13270. [Epub ahead of print]
Although metformin is an established first-line glucose-lowering therapy in type 2 diabetes, its mechanism of action has still not been established. In this article, the mechanism is shown to be suppression of gluconeogenesis in the liver through inhibition of mitochondrial glycerophosphate dehydrogenase. Read the full article »
Dialogue between Professor Jerry Nadler and Yumi Imai, Associate Professor, from Eastern Virginia Medical School: The therapeutic potential of 12 lipoxygenase (12LO).

Their discussion is based on the recent review article “Interaction between cytokines and inflammatory cells in islet dysfunction, insulin resistance and vascular disease” by Drs Imai, Dobrian, Nadler and others, published in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 15 (Suppl. 3): 117-119, 2013.